The mission of ZOE group is: (i) to understand the role of social agents concerning production of cities and regions; (ii) to propose alternatives and solutions in order to reach more intelligent, sustainable and inclusive cities and regions; (iii) to foster active citizenship in a global and urbanized world.

ZOE aims the following objectives: i) to develop fundamental research exploring new theoretical and conceptual approaches on geographical citizenship, territorial representation and urban and regional analysis and policies; ii) to implement applied research anchored in the coproduction of transdisciplinary knowledge (university-society) and development of new research processes (e.g. action-research), involving institutional contracts and pro-bono collaborative research; iii) to support and enhance advanced learning, promoting innovative methods (e.g. participatory learning experiences, problem solving and fieldwork); iv) to promote geo-literacy in order to enhance citizens spatial awareness stimulating their participation.

ZOE’s goals are in line with Horizon 2020 orientations as well as with the challenges faced by Portugal in the actual crisis, with strong impact over urban and regional dynamics.

Our research group has 5 thematic subjects:

  • Culture, social innovation and creative cities;
  • Urban regeneration, consumption and rhythmicity;
  • Housing, public space, urban mobility and ageing in urban spaces;
  • Spatial governance, regional change, policies and participation;
  • Geographic knowledge, power and territorial representations.

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